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  • IELTS Test 101

    Start your IELTS Test preparation here.

  • How Many Words?

    Here's 2000 Words for IELTS, to start with...

  • 7 Point Checklist

    7 step preparation checklist for the IELTS Test.

  • Avoid Losing Marks

    Learn about 5 grammar mistakes which definitely lose you marks.

  • Paraphrase or Fail!

    Critical IELTS Writing advice.

  • Taking The IELTS Test

    All about the IELTS Test.

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    More information is added for Library Members all the time. We'll let you know by email when it is available to you.

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  • IELTS Reading Lessons (11)

    Learn techniques in our IELTS Reading lessons for how to approach your IELTS reading during the IELTS Test to gain the highest marks possible. There are

  • IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 Writing Lessons (18)

    Understand what the examiners are looking for in your writing for Bandscores 7 and up - and learn what causes you to lose marks and not hit your desired bandscores.

  • IELTS Listening Lessons (8)

    Learn techniques to identify exactly where to find your answers in the audio passages. Understand the tricks used to try to catch you out.

  • IELTS Speaking Lessons (11)

    Learn techniques and receive advice in our IELTS Speaking lessons to help you optimise your speaking bandscore. Understand the importance of being understood and how the right preparation can help you.

  • Access to Pass IELTS Higher Help-sheets

    Community Members have access to all our detailed help sheets on all topics. More are being added weekly. Learn about typical student errors, writing organisation and cohesion, past participles and more...

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