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If you are looking to access our free online library or for IELTS Test Online Courses and information resources then look no further. We offer both free and paid-for memberships of our website and both contain helpful information for IELTS Test Candidates preparing to take the IELTS Test.

Read below to see the memberships we have for you:

Library Membership - Free

We’ve built an incredible training resource we call the Library Membership, and when you register (no charge) you’ll get instant access to nearly 100,000 words of proven highly valuable IELTS advice …

By registering, you'll have access to all our Library information.

On top of that, you will receive IELTS Preparation information from us by email - not spam, good information which helps you to understand what you need to be doing to get high scores in the IELTS Test.  

If you don't like the information, you can just unsubscribe - there's a link in each of the mails that we send for just that purpose. 

We have no interest in sending you information you don't want or need. 

That doesn't help us or you.

Our emails contain helpful hints and tips for how to go about getting the best out of yourself in the IELTS Test.  

They also include mini teaching courses and guide you through Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking best practices.

If you follow along and do the work suggested in them, you'll score higher in the IELTS Test.



Community Member 

Becoming a Community Member provides you with access to all of our IELTS Test online courses and other resources, around the clock; even those we will add during your membership period.

In addition to having instant access to everything available to Library Members, here’s what’s waiting for Community Members right now…

Community Members have access to all our Library information, our IELTS help sheets and our IELTS Test Online Courses, including a 48 lesson online IELTS Preparation Course  - 24/7.

IELTS Test Online Courses

This is your opportunity to rapidly develop IELTS skills which will help you to improve your bandscores, and learn using courses, tips, techniques and help sheets created by IELTS professionals who practise English at an extremely high level of competence and regularly teach high achieving IELTS Test candidates... all for around $0.71 USD a day.

And there's more!

We have prepared and are continually preparing even more extremely helpful short IELTS Test Online courses and useful study aids which will help all of you needing to achieve  IELTS Bandscore 7+, these include:

  • IELTS Writing Task 1 skills for Bandscore 7+
  • IELTS Writing Task 2 skills for Bandscore 7+
  • IELTS Reading - how to improve your reading performance
  • How to describe IELTS Writing Task 1 graphs
  • How to write informal/formal letters
  • and much much more is in the pipeline...


Community Member access

Access is granted by subscription and continues on a rolling 14 day basis. Once you subscribe you have immediate access and this continues for as long as you continue subscribing. 

This means you only pay to use the resources for as long as you need them.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Membership Features

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Library Membership

A Downloadable IELTS Preparation Library with advice covering all IELTS aspects

Podcasts with transcripts improve Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Grammar advice, sample IELTS Test questions and tips underpin learning

Community Membership
$10.00 per 14 days (recurring)

Everything that IELTS Library member have, plus:

24/7 access to 48 IELTS Test Preparation lessons

Lessons contain exercises for students

Access to IELTS Help Sheets

Automatic access to new material when it is created

10% discount on all coaching and assessment products and packages

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