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If you are a book reviewer and would like to receive a free review copy of our eBook: IELTS Reading - How to Improve your IELTS Band Score for review, please click this link (Note: you will need an Amazon account to be able to receive the eBook - this will not cost you anything). In return for this free review copy of our eBook, all we ask is that you leave a rating and fair review of the eBook on Amazon. The eBook will be free for review on 24th February between midnight to midnight (Pacific Standard Time). Click here to download your copy for review You can read Kindle eBooks on … [Read more...]

Filip’s IELTS Story


This is a very inspiring film of a man called Filip, who decided to make IELTS a central plank in his life's path.   Many of you will have seen this as it has been widely shared. I hope you enjoy it again. To your IELTS Success, James     … [Read more...]

IELTS Test Preparation – 2 weeks to go…

IELTS Test Preparation – 2 weeks to go

With just two weeks to go before you sit the IELTS Test, it’s unlikely that you can significantly improve your level of English. However, with focussed IELTS Test preparation you can improve your performance in the test by immersing yourself in the appropriate language and developing some important skills. The IELTS Listening Test The passages in the test will be quite formal, so listening to music radio or watching quiz shows won’t help you prepare. In the two weeks before the test, listen to radio programmes or podcasts about education, politics and society and pay attention to the … [Read more...]

Free IELTS Test preparation lessons for all

IELTS Test Prepcast

IELTS Test preparation lessons for all have arrived! Here at Pass IELTS Higher we continually strive to explore new ways of delivering high quality IELTS learning material to our members. We are proud to announce that we have developed a comprehensive course of free IELTS Test preparation lessons for IELTS Candidates aiming to achieve bandscores 7, 8 or 9 - and will continue to add to the lesson content Click here to go to the free lessons. Long term members of our community will know that we deliver on our promises. We promise that these lessons are free to all who want to … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading – Cambridge IELTS 7 Reading Practice Tests Explained

IELTS Reading

How many IELTS students despair of getting the IELTS band score they have been asked for because, time and again, they are not getting the required score in the IELTS Reading band? In this post Andrea Price, a qualified and practising IELTS teacher, explains what she has done to help IELTS Test candidates improve their IELTS Reading band scores. She has written an eBook which explains why the answers in the Cambridge IELTS 7  Reading Practice Tests are correct. ‘How was your IELTS Reading exam?’ I always ask my students. ‘Oh, the reading was so hard.’ They always reply. ‘I never … [Read more...]